Giant Airplane: [trainingvalue] Workshop : Initiating Quality in ...
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The next 100 years of flight (With concepts like folding wings)
By Boone
Today, Terry Weisshaar, manager of DARPA's morphing aircraft structures programme at the Pentagon explains how telescoping and folding wings will help future planes to tailor their wing shape and size for each part of a mission. ...
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Sensors to drive global MEMS market to $8.8 billion in 2012
EDN.com - Newton,MA,USA
"The markets for mainstay MEMS actuator products—like inkjet heads and Digital Light Processor (DLP) chips from Texas Instruments Inc—finally have passed ...
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NASA Preparing to Service Hubble for the Last Time, In Glorious ...
Gizmodo - USA
Atlantis is scheduled to launch on October 8, equipped with all manner of instruments, batteries and gyroscopes for Hubble. Pictured above is one of the ...
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Gyroscope spins a tune
Sun Weekly - Australia
It's a natural thing; we're always trying different things and instruments on each album. There are definitely not 15 similar songs to what appeared on our ...
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Ball Corp., CU instruments will boost Hubble Space Telescope
Rocky Mountain News - Denver,CO,USA
In addition to installing the new camera and spectrograph, shuttle astronauts are scheduled to install six batteries, six gyroscopes and a guidance sensor. ...
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Night rider keeps O'Hare runways safe
Chicago Daily Herald - Chicago,IL,USA
The pilots corroborate if the runway equipment is giving them the correct information through a GPS system and gyroscope on board the Beechcraft. ...
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Hubble Space Telescope Hits 100000 Orbits Milestone
Examiner.com - USA
After launch delays, astronomers and scientists were delighted to get the Hubble's sophisticated instruments working. Then came the bad news: Hubble's main ...
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Atlantis on track for Oct. 8
Florida Today - Melbourne,FL,USA
Seven astronauts flying aboard Atlantis plan to equip Hubble with two new science instruments and gear that will enable it to operate until 2013. ...
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Chip makers get moving with motion sensing chips
Reuters - USA
MEMS chips, currently produced by the likes of STMicroelectronics, which supplies Apple and Nintendo, Freescale, Texas Instruments and Hewlett-Packard, ...
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Gyroscopic Instruments: Turn Coordinator
By ma3naido(ma3naido)
Double gimbal: A type of mount used for the gyro in an attitude instrument. The axes of the two gimbals are at right angles to the spin axis of the gyro allowing free motion in two planes around the gyro. ...
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Recognized At Work For Technical Leadership and Excellence
By Starin for Congress(Starin for Congress)
To improve the discovery power of Hubble by ten to seventy times and extend the operational lifespan to 2013, five space walks are planned to replace gyroscopes, refurbish subsystems, install new instruments, exchange batteries, ...
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By Piloting Instrument Journal(Piloting Instrument Journal)
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More than this, too
By Iyanna(Iyanna)
... they will portable floor mats petmate doskocil portable home champion sports portable ball locker and portable torque measuring instruments portable folding cart their portable marine gas tanks then self contained fuel tank portable ...
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He is the end for the sleds
By Kassandra(Kassandra)
... rental handheld portable ultrasound portable heater ac portable operating thjeatre light uk portable water tanks portable led signs portable torque measuring instruments ratings portable air compressors portable file shredder best ...
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Translation Bureau – Gyroscopic Instruments Glossary
Gyroscopic Instruments Glossary. (English-French / French-English). Terminology Bulletin 248. This work contains 800 concepts and is the result of research ...

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Panel Replacements: Metal vs. Overlay
AVweb - Greenwich,CT,USA
The same goes for vacuum and static lines that plumb flight instruments. Electrical busses, including the replacement of fuses and circuit breakers, ...
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Hurry up and wait
Kings County Record - Sussex,New Brunswick,Canada
After a handful of meetings and slightly less fog in the air, the balloonists unpacked their instruments of flight with a short window of opportunity. ...
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PXI gains momentum in mil/aero industry
Test & Measurement World - Newton,MA,USA
Existing mil/aero test platforms for USAF and NAVAIR avionics are transitioning to PXI, and many portable field and flight-line testers are now available in ...
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Just Planes' Oasis Hong Kong 747-400 DVD
FlightSim.com (press release) - MA,USA
Close ups of the instruments and charts make details of the flights quite compelling. Use of the autopilot and flight management computer is explained ...
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Balloons take to sky for volcanic gas study
Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Honolulu,HI,USA
Both goals were met, and the scientists hope to obtain funding for a scaled-up project with more flights and advanced instruments, he said. ...
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NASA Offers Grants for New-Space Research Concepts
By David Chandler
... drop towers and zero-g aircraft, using instruments too massive for spacecraft to detect cosmic rays that cannot be detected from the ground, and testing scientific instruments before committing to orbital or interplanetary flight." ...
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Tuesday, August 12th
By Ryan Tobin(Ryan Tobin)
All the book-learnin' on spatial disorientation and "trusting your instruments" came back to me like a fastball to the noggin, but reading about it and expereincing it are two very different things. The windshield turns stark white and ...
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Aviation as a Hobby
By Allen
It is a lot of theory work, with massive texts and strange looking calculating instruments, but without the basic knowledge, you won't be going up in a plane except as a passenger! At the end of ground school, you will be given an exam ...
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A Labor Day OCP Wrap-up
By Crowe
It's mostly drums, with a few beat up horns and some cylindrical instruments they rub with a stick to get a swishing rhythmic noise out of. The rest are cheer leaders and the dance line with batons. The conductor is a tall, ...

The Case for Sample Return: Mars (1989)
By David S. F. Portree(David S. F. Portree)
They argued that "[e]ven if all required instruments could be automated and flight-qualified," they "could never be expected to accommodate unanticipated properties. . . of materials," adding that the "limitations of remotely operated ...
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