HUNG START�� - In gas turbine engines, a condition of normal light off but with rpm remaining at some low value rather than increasing to the normal idle rpm. This is often the result of insufficient power to the engine from the starter. In the event of a hung start, the engine should be shut down.

- In gas turbine engines, a start which occurs with normal engine rotation, but exhaust temperature exceeds prescribed limits. This is usually caused by an excessively rich mixture in the combustor. The fuel to the engine must be terminated immediately to prevent engine damage.

A hot start is when the EGT exceeds the safe limit. Too much fuel entering the combustion chamber or insufficient turbine rpm causes hot starts. Any time an engine has a hot start, refer to the AFM, POH, or an appropriate maintenance manual for inspection requirements.

If the engine fails to accelerate to the proper speed after ignition or does not accelerate to idle rpm, a hung start has occurred. A hung start may also be called a false start. A hung start may be caused by an insufficient starting power source or fuel control malfunction.
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